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Set contain the following paints:
1.Russian Green FS-34128 paint HOBBY+PLUS N48.
2.Semimat Black FS-27038 paint HOBBY+PLUS N2
3.Russifn Blue FS-35488 paint HOBBY+PLUS N27
4.Military Brown FS-30117 paint HOBBY+PLUS N76
5.Dark Grey FS-36187 paint HOBBY+PLUS N6.
In an initial stage of war for the top surface camouflage of the Soviet planes were used paints of three colors - sand, black and green.
By the instruction of the aircraft camouflage which has appeared in the beginning of 1941 it was established bicolored schemes : green - sand (for southern areas) and green - black.
In practice applied the second version - a black stain (HOBBY+PLUS N2) put atop of green (HOBBY+PLUS N48). In middle of war top monophonic colouring of planes in green color was widely applied (HOBBY+PLUS N48). Since 1943 in front and auxiliary aircraft were applied three-coloured scheme: green - gray - brown (HOBBY+PLUS N48 + HOBBY+PLUS N6 + HOBBY+PLUS N76). Instead of a grey paint the black paint ( green - black - brown camouflage) might be used. There were variants of a green - brown camouflage (HOBBY+PLUS N48 + HOBBY+PLUS N76). For the bottom surfaces of planes the paint of blue color (HOBBY+PLUS N27) was used, and for night planes - black color (HOBBY+PLUS N2) .
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